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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Application of CRO

1.                Application of CRO

Scientific and Engineering Application
1. Measurement of ac\dc voltages,
2.  Finding B\H curves for hysteresis loop,
3.  For engine pressure analysis,
4.  Study of stress, strain, torque, acceleration   etc.,
5.  Frequency and phase determination by using Lissajous figures,
6.  Radiation patterns of antenna,
7.  Amplifier gain,
8.  Modulation percentage,
9.  Complex waveform as a short-cut for Fourier analysis,
10.     Standing waves in transmission lines etc.
In Radio Work
11.     To trace and measure a signal throughout the RF, IF and AF channels of radio and television receivers;
12.     It provides the only effective way of adjusting FM receivers, broadband high-frequency RF amplifiers and automatic frequency control circuit;
13.     To test AF circuits for different types of distortions and other spurious oscillation;
14.     To give visually display of wave shapes such as sine waves, square waves and their many different combinations;
15.     To trace transistor curves;
16.     To visually show the composite synchronized TV signal;
17.     To display the response of tuned circuits etc.

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