Mechanical Transducer

Mechanical Transducer

Transducsrs depending upon the change in property or the energy they bring about to measure specified physical quantities.
The mechanical transducsers are the mechanical elements that are used for converting one form that can be easily measured.
 There are number of mechanical transducers, some of the commonly used

1. BELLOWS: These are the elastic elements that convert the air pressure into displacementUsed for the measuremant of pressure.

2. BOURDON TUBE: This elastic tube converts air pressure to the rotary motion of the pointer used to indicate the pressure.

3. SPRING: The spring tend to expand when force is applied to them. They are used for the measuremant of force.

4. PROVING RINGS: Converts applied force to the displacement.

5. DIAPHRAGM: Converts applied pressure to the displacement.

6. MANOMETER: Converts applied pressure to variable displacement of the liquid.

7. THERMOCOUPLE: That Produces electric current when one of its end is heated.

8. BIMETALS: Converted into the rotary motion of the pointer that indicates the temperature.

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