Saturday, 14 July 2018


This is a superb textbook for modern molecular biology. The approach to the subject is significantly new and improved over Watson et al.’s Molecular Biology of the Gene and the material is categorically up-to-date.

There are good and substantial textbooks for the study of cell biology such as Alberts et al.’s Molecular Biology of the Cell and Lodish et al.’s Molecular Cell Biology; this does not pretend to be such a book. Rather, the focus is solely on the genome.The new approach Brown takes to introduce molecular biology is unmistakably modern. Only six pages into the first chapter and the Human Genome Project is in your face. It’s a great point of entry — why sequence the entire human genome or any genome for that matter? There is good discussion of why genome projects are important and what can be learned from them. From there it’s how to do it, which includes sections on genetic and physical mapping, and DNA sequencing techniques. Next it’s how to make sense of all the data; this addresses first how to locate genes within the genome and then how to work out the function of a gene once you’ve found it. 

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