Saturday, 14 July 2018


This Oxford Grammar English Workbook is designed to consolidate and increase your knowledge of grammar concepts. This book includes activities, stimulus pages and authentic text extracts so that you can see grammar being used in everyday language applications. 

This book also includes revision pages and topic tests so that you can apply your newly learned grammatical skills. This is the first book in this grammatical series. The cover on this book is flexible making it easier to handle and control. This book is designed to be in line with the Australian curriculum so it explores knowledge that it relevant and current. This book contains extension and enrichment units so that you can apply yourself further. This book also includes revision pages, tests and a handy answers sheet so that you can assess your progress. There is a glossary of grammar metalanguage included giving you a page for quick reference.

The authentic text extracts are imaginative, informative and persuasive so that you can learn about a wide range of writing styles.

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