An Organism is a contiguous living system, such as plants, animals, fungus, bacterium or archaeon. In other words, organisms are any living entity like plant, human or any other living thing that lives in an environment has the capability to adapt and possess certain structure and behavior.

All the organisms have the ability to adapt via the process of biological variation in order to adjust with their environment. It is adaptation that enhances the ability and chances of survival. Adaptation vary among species but has the common objective i.e. adjustment to variation. For example, polar bears possess several key characteristics and traits that make them capable of adjusting with the harsh conditions of life in Antarctica. They have dense fur coats that serve as protection from predators. Added to this, they have thick layers of fur to protect them from cold winds, followed by a waxy coat that helps in repelling water and keep their body warm. Thus, it can be said that the body of polar bears are well adapted to survive in cool weather.

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