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Thermoionic emission:- Thermionic emission is the phenomenon in which electrons are emitted by a metal contains free electrons which behave like the molecules of a perfect gas.Richardson Equation:-I = AT1/2e-b/T.Here I is the thermionic current density in amp per sq meter. T is the temperature on kelvin scale, A and b being constants.

A = ne√k/2πm, b = e?/k.(a) The minimum energy which is necessary for shifting electrons from valence band to conduction band is defined as band gap (Eg).(b) The forbidden energy gap between the valence band and the conduction band is known as band gap (Eg). i.e. Eg = Ec – Ev. (c) As there are energy levels f electrons in an atom, similarly there are three specific energy bands for the electrons in the crystal formed by these atoms.(d) Completely filled energy bands: The energy band, in which maximum possible numbers of electrons are present according to capacity is known as completely filled bank.

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