General Organic Chemistry is divided into two parts (a) Electronic Displacement in Covalent Bonds and (b) Acid and Base Strength in Organic Compounds. Electronic effects operates in covalent bonds (a)Inductive effect, (b) Mesomeric and Resonance effect (c) Electromeric effects (d) Hyperconjugation. Without a clear understanding of GOC Mastery of Organic Chemistry is not possible.

Moreover, many direct questions are asked from this chapter in NEET/AIIMS and other competitative entrance examinations. The spirit of this course lies in strategy formulation encompasses focused, regular preparation and timely revision of important concepts & problems. Master the concept of General Organic Chemistry of NEET within 20 video lectures. Covers the complete syllabus of General Organic Chemistry of Organic Chemistry for Class 11th CBSE, ISCE and Other State Boards. Lecture videos are enriched with basics and advanced concepts of General Organic Chemistry for NEET. One can start from the basics and gradually expands the knowledge and understanding of General Organic Chemistry. Medium of Instruction of this course is English.

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