The basic principle in writing of this CSIR-NET-GATE book is to create a guiding text for students- a text which represents the material in a way that encourages the students for the logical thinking about what they have learned theoretically in their bachelors / masters. 

At present in India, the national level competitive examinations such as CSIR-NET-JRF, UGC-SLET (SET), IIT-JAM, TIFR, IISc, BARC, ONGC and DRDO exams are of great importance to start advance career after basic graduation/ post graduation studies. These above competitive exams test the in-depth and practical knowledge of various basic concepts. Cracking of any above national competitive examination opens several doors of opportunities in the field of industrial/scientific research and may offer excellent job opportunities in the research as well as teaching field. However, the percentage of qualifying students is varied from the 1-10 %. Hence, an attempt has been made by authors to design the book in such a way that students will become more familiar with the type of conceptual questions that are asked in above said competitive exams. 

Contents - 1. Atomic structure and Quantum chemistry 2. Valence shell electron pair repulsion theory (VSEPR) 3. Molecular orbital theory of diatomic molecules 4. s and p-block elements 5. Transition / Inner-transition Elements 6. Bio-inorganic 7. Term Symbol and electronic spectroscopy 8. Organo-metallic Chemistry & catalysis 9. Borane, Silicates, Isolobal fragments, Cages & Metal Clusters 10. Inorganic Reaction Mechanism 11. Point group / Symmetry element 12. Solid state 13. Molecular Spectroscopy 14. Aromaticity 15. Organic Reaction Mechanism 16. Stereochemistry 17. Organic spectroscopy 18. Pericyclic reactions 19. Photochemistry 20. Heterocyclic Chemistry.

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