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Wednesday, 16 January 2019


"The discussion of each class or reaction is both readable and informative and normally includes comparison of relative rates of similar reactions to demonstrate concepts such as nucleophilicity or steric hindrance. 

The major strength of the book involved the inclusion of problems at the end of each chapter. These are coupled with a set of very well discussed answers provided in the appendix. The problems fit well with the topic under discussion at each stage and the mechanistic answers and associated explanations are of a high quality. . . this text will make a useful addition to a university library or the supplementary reading list of a first year organic chemistry course." (Reviews, 1 December 2009)."Does serve as a good support text for a more comprehensive organic text book. The high point of the book is the provision of a large number of carefully targeted problems at the end of each chapter, complete with well explained worked answers. 

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