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Organic chemistry is the examine of the shape, residences, composition, reactions, and education of carbon-containing compounds, which include no longer handiest hydrocarbons but also compounds with any range of different factors, which includes hydrogen (most compounds comprise at the least one carbon–hydrogen bond), nitrogen, oxygen, halogens, phosphorus, silicon, and sulfur. This branch of chemistry became at first restrained to compounds produced by way of residing organisms however has been broadened to consist of human-made materials inclusive of plastics. The variety of utility of organic compounds is massive and also includes, but isn't always confined to, prescribed drugs, petrochemicals, meals, explosives, paints, and cosmetics.

There are 5 principal varieties of organic reactions that could take location. They are as follows:

- Substitution reactions
- Removal reactions
- Addition reactions
- Radical reactions
- Oxidation-discount Reactions

Organic chemistry is a exceedingly creative science wherein chemists create new molecules and explore the houses of existing compounds. It's miles the most famous area of take a look at for ACS chemists and Ph.D. Chemists.

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