Hydrogen is the most considerable element in universe and 1/3 maximum considerable element on the surface of earth. It's far the best element with handiest one electron in its orbit around the nucleus congaing only one proton. It exist as a diatomic molecule i.E. H2 in its elemental form. The global difficulty related to smooth energy makes it so crucial to examine hydrogen one at a time from the other elements. 

This difficulty may be triumph over to a extra extent by using using hydrogen as a supply of electricity. Hydrogen is the primary element of periodic desk but its role inside the periodic desk has been a subject of dialogue for the beyond few years because of its similarities with each halogens and alkali metals. A proper role could not be assigned to hydrogen both within the Mendeleev’s periodic table or modern periodic desk due to the subsequent cause.

In a few homes, it resembles alkali metals and in some homes it resembles halogens. So hydrogen may be located each in group 1 and organization 17 with alkali metals and halogen respectively.   Ionization enthalpy  : Ionization enthalpy of hydrogen (1312 kJ mol-1) could be very excessive in evaluation with the ionization enthalpy of alkali metals. 2. Life of H-  : it has been installed that H-  ion does now not exist freely in a aqueous solution.

This is due to the fact that has a very small size compared to everyday atomic and ionic length (which variety from 50 to 220 pm). As a consequence it exists in aqueous answer inside the form of hydrated proton with a formulation,H9O4-. However, for the sake of simplicity hydrated proton is represented through hydronium ion,H3O+.On the other hand, the alkali steel ions typically exist as hexahydrated ions.3. Distinction in halides.

Hydrogen halides are different from the halides of alkali metals despite the fact that they have got comparable molecular formulae. As an example(i) pure HCl is a covalent compound even as NaCl is an ionic compound.(ii) HCl is a gaseous compound at the same time as NaCl is a stable at normal temperature.

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