Success Magnet for IIT-JEE changed into released three years lower back with an objective to guide the aspiring students with a versatile package deal of questions much like what is exactly asked in JEE. Those questions are made via expert school and had been updated properly as in step with the standard and requirements of JEE. Inside a span of three years. 

Success Magnet has turn out to be the primary choice of every IIT-JEE aspirant. The success Magnet has been extensively favored by our students across India and acquired awesome praise from all corners. Each year huge quantity of questions requested in IIT-JEE resembles with the questions which have been given in Success Magnet. For instance Paper-1 of IIT-JEE 2010. 29% Chemistry, 46.4% of arithmetic and 36% Physics questions were already what turned into given in Success Magnet. In addition, in Paper-2 of IIT-JEE 2010. 11% Chemistry, 52.6% mathematics and 16% of Physics questions were already what changed into given in Success Magnet. This isn't always a trifling twist of fate however the output of painstaking through studies of our experienced college. Every year, we come up with a revamped versions of success Magnet the displays the evolving pattern of IIT-JEE questions and make our students realise the tricks of the examination and prevail.

Success Magnet is a flexible and success worthy bundle containing 2680 questions based on IIT-JEE sample. It's miles a blend of understanding  and revel in of school of Aakash IIT-JEE and an essence for IIT-JEE 2011 aspirants.

There are around 1256 questions on more than one preference sample, 428 questions about assertion and purpose pattern, 153 matrix healthy type questions,456 questions about comprehension, 223 subjective questions, 114 integer solution type questions and 50 multiple real-fake type questions.

The questions had been framed chapterwise, which will help college students revise and experience confident approximately each bankruptcy. Within the last, miscellaneous questions also are given that are based upon the standards on  or extra than  chapters. The answers of these questions also are furnished on the cease.

Every pupil on enrollment will be provided with a username and password. He/she will be able to use this password to look the recommendations the everyday questions given within the success Magnet.

This bundle has 8 sections.

(i)   segment A contains 949 instantly objective questions which have simplest one accurate solution.

(ii)   segment B contains 307 multiple desire questions which have a couple of correct answer.

(iii)   phase C includes 152 paragraphs. Based totally upon each paragraphs, 3 more than one desire questions need to be spoke back. Each query has handiest one correct answer.

(iv)   section D carries 428 questions. Each query contains announcement-1 (statement) and assertion-2 (reason).

(1) declaration-1 is authentic, declaration-2 is actual; declaration-2 is a accurate reason behind statement-1

(2)  announcement-1 is genuine, statement-2 is actual; announcement-2 isn't a accurate cause of declaration-1

(3) declaration-1 is proper, announcement-2 is fake

(4) assertion-1 is fake, statement-2 is authentic

(v) phase E consists of 153 questions. Each query carries statements given in 2 columns. Statements in the first column should be matched with statements inside the second column.

(vi)  segment F incorporates 223 subjective Questions.

(vii)  phase G contains 114 integer solution kind Questions.

(viii) phase H consists of 50 a couple of true-fake type Questions.

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