Popularly known as just ‘Himanshu Pandey, that is the ebook which most of college students used for working towards organic thoroughly for the duration of my JEE and BITSAT coaching. This e book, having questions only helped me in growing a conceptual method and in deeply information the mechanisms worried in each reaction. Here are all of the info one desires to know approximately this ebook!

What you'll find on this book?

In phrases of the kind and relevance of questions there will be the whole lot you would want for JEE natural exercise. Here are the greater specific info of what you will precisely discover interior it

  • The ebook includes questions simplest.
  • The questions are divided into segments of unmarried correct, multi correct, integer kind and matching type questions too.
  • The variety of questions isn’t excessive to deliver down the best of the questions.
  • The e book provides solutions to all questions on the stop of each chapter.
  • The questions are made to assist JEE and other engineering front aspirants.
  • The e-book covers all the chapters of JEE organic chemistry.

This e book has the proper mix of questions that I had to observe my learnt a part of chemistry. I had constantly notion that chemistry would contain rote learning however this e-book helped me in getting to know utility of concepts. The alternatives had been put in one of these way that the scholars could without a doubt get harassed and assume greater deeply. This questioning constantly enables in making you better prepared. Also each kind of query is given in  three bureaucracy which is again useful. Maximum of the exception instances of organic reactions or styles are asked and taken to be aware in a few or the opposite way so it facilitates once more. The e book doesn’t have absurd questions and the preliminary questions give a good practice for JEE most important stage too and the questions are in an growing degree of problem which makes it even greater applicable. These had been the exceptional parts about this book which helped me.


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The ebook is absolutely without any piece of concept. Some data and reactions at the start of every chapter might have made it greater wholesome. The e book doesn’t provide answers or maybe suggestions for any question and just gives answer keys. This becomes intricate while super instances are given within the questions and college students are unable to recognize them. So a touch in case of just the exceptions would have helped too. The cases of incorrect solutions are also glaring in some of the apparent questions. Those factors want improvement and would make it plenty higher.

This ebook is tailor made for whom?

This ebook is meant for beginners as well as the students who want a popular rigorous exercise for organic chemistry. For the students who just need very good exercise of JEE increase stage most effective then this ebook won't be too apt as the questions are first for concept constructing and application and then slowly go with the flow to boost degree. In view that there are no answers the students who've a few connection with get their doubts cleared would find it greater beneficial. I being a median student changed into able to solve most of it after analyzing subjects very well and had some doubts too but the quantity of doubts wasn’t large. So in case you want to examine idea software through a variety of questions of varying problem then this book is meant for you!

The way to make the best use of this ebook?

For buying the most advantage from this e-book, aspirants must firstly do a thorough evaluation of the idea and also practice solved examples before attending to this book. Make brief notes of reagents and essential response situations specifically earlier than beginning the chapter from Himanshu Pandey. Clear up the questions completely and make notes in the e book itself highlighting the exceptions each time you stumble upon them. This will help in revising during the last days before the exam. Do the e-book as and whilst a topic is finished to your magnificence in order that no backlogs are created due to the fact fixing the entirety at once wouldn’t be viable. Use this e-book wisely and assume deeply to gain the most out of it!

My concluding mind about the e book

This book can be proper for exercise for the duration of JEE preparation when it is done from scratch. The standards turns into clearer after solving the chapters. It is a totally applicable book for all engineering entrances specially JEE mains, increase and BITSAT. I solved it completely after revising my standards properly and tried to clear up it in a time sure manner to growth my speed. Do search for the exceptions inside the questions. A bit contact of idea would have helped and other than that a touch work on accuracy of answers too might make it exquisite.

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