Input Output questions are the most scoring questions that are asked in SBI-PO, IBPS-PO or Clerk examination. Such questions seemingly look difficult and often take a lot of time to solve if one is unaware of the tricks to solve them.

In this article we will discuss two Input-Output Questions on two parameters:

Various patterns spotted in Input–Output questions

Different Shortcuts/Tricks to solve Input–Output Questions

Input–Output can be solved by spotting the following patterns:

  1. Arrangement of numbers in descending order at each step.
  2. Arrangement of words in alphabetical order, i.e., from A to Z, at each step.
  3. When both alphabets and numbers are given in a series, in one step number is arranged in descending order and in the other step word is arranged in alphabetical order (from A-Z). These are also called Single Shifting Arrangements.
  4. In Double Shifting arrangements, words and numbers are arranged simultaneously, either to the left or right side in each of the steps.
  5. Words and Numbers are arranged as per number of consonants or vowels in each word.
  6. Arrangement is done as per the words beginning with consonants or vowels.
  7. Arrangement is done as per even or odd numbers.

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