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Friday, 29 June 2018


When the mechanical properties of the system do not change then the system is in isolated state and it is called an isolated system. These systems are not interacting with environment and also called system with constant motion. 

The conservation laws are for isolated system because their properties are conserved and do not change. These laws are fundamental laws of mechanics in which the quantities like energy, angular momentum, and momentum etc. which are conserved quantities.

In the conservation law of energy, the energy is conserved and it is only converted from its one form to another form to make the total energy constant. Here, we discuss about the conservation of momentum in which the momentum of a system remains constant. Momentum is the mass in motion. It's equal to mass multiplied by velocity. So, it depends on two factors that are how much and how fast an object is moved.

So, in the conservation law of momentum, the sum of all object momentum remains constant in interaction within the system. It is true for all types of momentum like angular, linear etc.

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