Calorimetry And Thermal Expansion
Introduction. Calorimetry can be considered to be the earliest known principal of Heat and Thermodynamics.
This was the introduction of the widely used principal of Conservation of Energy to mankind.

Thermal Expansion too find a great importance in engineering application.
Its knowledge should also be imported for efficient working of various machines.
Calorimetry and Thermas Expansion:-
It is a form of energy which determines the change in thermas state of a body.
Heat flows from a body which has a higher temp. to the body which has lower temp.
Specific Heat:- Quantity of heat in calories required to raise the temp. of 1 gm. of that substance by 1C.

thermal Equilibrium:- Two or move bodies an said to be in then mal equilibrium with each other if threr is no folow of heat from one body to other when they are brought in contact with each other.

Zenoth Law of Thermobodynamics and Temperature [Secondary Information]:-
If system A is in thermal equilibrium with system B and system B is in thermal equilibrium with system C, then system A and C are in equilibrium with each other.

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