Indefinite integration, also known as antidifferentiation, is the reversing of the process of differentiation. Given a function f, one finds a function F such that F' = f.
Finding an antiderivative is an important process in calculus. 

It is used as a method to obtain the area under a curve and to obtain many physical and electrical equations that scientists and engineers use everyday. For example, the equation for the current through a capacitor is , where I is current in Amperes, C is capacitance in Farads, V is voltage in Volts and t is time in seconds. To obtain an unknown (like V), one would have to use integration to obtain a voltage at a certain time interval.

While a true integral exists between a given boundary, taking the indefinite integral is simply reversing differentiation in much the same way division reverses multiplication. Instead of having a set of boundary values, one only finds an equation that would produce the integral due to differentiation without having to use the values to get a definite answer.

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