Monday, 20 August 2018


This 1182 page book is intended to aid students in physics to overcome many difficulties that are not addressed by textbooks, by supplying detailed illustrations of the solution methods which are usually not apparent to students.

The solution methods are illustrated by problems selected from those that are most often assigned for class work and given on examinations. The problems are arranged in order of complexity to enable students to learn and understand a particular topic by reviewing the problems in sequence. The problems are illustrated with detailed step-by-step explanations. In using this book, students may review and study illustrated problems at their own pace. The Index has been extensively prepared to allow students to look up a particular type of problem. The book is subdivided into 37 chapters, each dealing with a separate topic. The subject matter is developed beginning with fundamental concepts of vector quantities and extending through all major fields currently studied in physics. For students in science and engineering, advanced problems and solution techniques have been included.

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