Assorted type of living beings are found in various sorts of living spaces like sea, freshwater bodies, backwoods, cool mountains, deserts, warm water springs and so on. This makes us think what is life? To find the answer for this a differentiation on living and the non-living beings is required.

It is amazingly difficult to portray "living" and generally extraordinary qualities basic to each and every livings being are to be perceived. A few of these are listed below:-

  • Cellular association: living things are made out of single cell (unicellular living beings) or numerous cells (multicellular living beings) which take up with each other to perform essential elements of the body.

  • Response to stimuli: every single living thing can adapt and react to any adjustment in nature.

  • Reproduction: living things recreate either sexually or asexually to create offsprings of their own type.

  • Growth: every single living thing develops, matures and ages and then dies.

  • Metabolism: living things require vitality to complete their fundamental life forms.

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