The science of classifying organisms is called taxonomy. In this taxonomy, each individual living species are classified into five kingdoms and one among them is the Kingdom Animalia, which is composed of animals. In the Kingdom Animalia, animals are further classified into.

Non-chordates are animals without a notochord – the rod-like elastic structure that supports the body. This phylum consists of a small group of worm-like, marine species with an organ-system level of organization. Phylum Porifera to Phylum Hemichordata are called Non-chordates. The general characteristic features of Non-Chordates are:

  • They are cylindrical, triploblastic, coelomate animals.
  • Respiration in these animals takes place through gills.
  • Presence of separate sexes and developed Excretory organs
  • They reproduce by external fertilization.
  • The body includes an open type of Circulatory system and front side Central nervous system.

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