Electrostatic capacity The electrostatic ability at any point in an electric field is same to the quantity of labor carried out in step with unit wonderful test fee or in bringing the unit effective test fee from endless to that factor, in opposition to the electrostatic force with out acceleration.

Electrostatic potential distinction The electrostatic capability difference between two factors in an electric powered subject is described as the amount of work achieved in moving a unit fantastic take a look at price from one factor to. The opposite point in opposition to of electrostatic force with none acceleration (i.E. The difference of electrostatic potentials of the 2 points in the electric discipline).Electrostatic capability because of a factor fee q at any factor P mendacity at a distance r from it's far given by The ability at a factor because of a nice fee is fantastic while due to negative charge, it's far negative. While a advantageous charge is positioned in an electric field, it experiences a pressure which drives it from points of better capability to the factors of lower ability. 

On the other hand, a terrible rate reviews a force using it from decrease capability to higher. Electrostatic capability due to an electric powered dipole at any point P whose role vector is r w.R.T. Mid-factor of dipole is given b11 Equipotential floor A floor which have identical electrostatic capability at each factor on it, is referred to as equipotential surface. The shape of equipotential floor because of:(i) line charge is cylindrical.(ii) point fee is round as proven along aspect:(a) Equipotential surfaces do no longer intersect every different because it offers two guidelines of electric subject E at intersecting factor which is not possible.(b) Equipotential surfaces are intently spaced within the location of sturdy electric powered discipline and vice-versa.

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