2 Years ago.There is nothing intimidating about chemistry, it is just that the way you prepare for it is different than other subjects. If you are thorough with concepts and strong with the basics, solving questions of Organic Chemistry during the course of preparation would become the most exciting thing for you.

In this article, I will address everything about organic chemistry that you to need be aware of to prepare earnestly and fare well in your board and also in competitive exam like JEE making sure you enjoy the process.No more Panic with OrganicOrganic Chemistry is the study of compounds of carbon. Organic Compounds are found in living things and are also synthesised at a huge scale. The food you eat, the Fundamental building block of the living organism – DNA, the plastic chair that you are sitting on, all of it contains organic molecules. Thus It becomes important for a science student to have knowledge of the same.The syllabus of Organic Chemistry is vast indeed. A lot of reactions, methods of preparation, reagents, rules and exceptions too. But despite this, you will certainly see the co-relation. It gets easier as you proceed with the syllabus.

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