Thursday, 20 December 2018


Both a stepping stone to higher analysis courses and a foundation for deeper reasoning in applied mathematics, this book provides a broad foundation in real analysis. In connection with this, within the chapters, readers are pointed to numerous accessible articles from.

The College Mathematics Journal and The American Mathematical Monthly. Axioms are presented with an emphasis on their distinguishing characteristic, culminating with the axioms that define the reals. Set theory is another theme found in this book, running underneath the rigorous development of functions, sequences and series, and ending with chapters on transfinite cardinal numbers and basic point-set topology. Differentiation and integration are developed rigorously with the goal of forming a firm foundation for deeper study. A historical theme interweaves throughout the book, with many quotes and accounts of interest to all readers. Over 600 exercises, dozens of figures, an annotated bibliography, and several appendices help the learning process.

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