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Friday, 11 January 2019


The Pearson Guide to chemistry for the IIT JEE offers a scientific approach that leads students bit by bit from introductory ideas to advanced applications. The integrated coverage of every construct is recapitulated PRN for a radical coverage of the topic as per the planning and format of the IIT JEE. The large choice of exercises, supported each ideas and applications, encourage the scholars to analytically handle issues confidently, speed and exactness.

PAGE:- 720
SIZE:- 10.39MB
The Pearson Guide to IIT JEE series is a useful book for all the scholars making ready for the celebrated engineering test. It provides class-tested course material and issues which will supplement any reasonably coaching job or resource the scholars can be mistreatment. Because of its comprehensive and in-depth approach, it'll be specially useful for those students UN agency don't have enough time or cash to require schoolroom courses. Special Features: Strictly supported the most recent IIT information counseled by the IITJEE, covers the topic in an exceedingly structured manner and familiarizes students with the trends in these examinations. Strictly aligned with the prescribed syllabus. Written in an exceedingly lucid manner to help students to know the ideas while not the assistance of any guide. Provides the large subject in an exceedingly structured and helpful manner therefore on inform the candidates taking the present examinations with the present trends and kinds of multiple-choice queries asked. 

The multiple-choice queries are organized within the following categories: Straight Objective kind queries (Single Choice), Brainteasers Objective kind queries (Single Choice), Multiple Correct Answer kind queries (More than one choice), Linked-Comprehension kind queries, Assertion and Reasoning queries. Matrix-Match Type Questions and the IIT JEE Corner Table Of Contents: 1. General Organic Chemistry-I 2. General Organic Chemistry-II 3. Hydrocarbons 4. Organic Compounds Containing Halogens 5. Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen-I 6. Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen-II 7. Acids and Acid Derivatives 8. Organic Chemistry Based on Functional Group–III 9. Polymers And Biomolecules 10. Practical Organic Chemistry Solved Question Papers Q-1 — Q-30.



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