Chapterwise announcement and Reasoning for aggressive assessments – Biology e-book is devised in particular for AIIMS aspirants, to conquer the problem confronted by using college students in solving Biology statement and Reasoning questions. This book is purely carries assertion & reasoning questions bankruptcy-wise to practice nicely. 

Whole e book is divided in chapter-smart way with exercise questions observed via preceding yr questions. On the end of each bankruptcy, suggestions & factors are given to test the questions solved and to rectify the errors executed for self-evaluation. E-book carries 18 years (2001 – 2018) AIIMS announcement and reasoning questions bankruptcy-sensible to recognise the level of questions requested in AIIMS examination. It gives you enough practice to conquer the fear of declaration and Reasoning. The USP of the e-book lies in the reality that all the preceding year questions within the e-book are established by using AIIMS toppers.

Declaration-cause Questions are the maximum tedious element within the AIIMS exam. They require not most effective knowledge the statements however also the best and accurate conceptual reasoning. Declaration-purpose query financial institution in Biology for AIIMS offers a complete set of questionnaires to supplement studying from the NCERT textbooks. The e-book includes, in all, 2000+ questions with ninety five% + factors. This e book is devised for college students to conquer the issue confronted by means of them in trying statement and motive questions. It will assist them to refine their concepts and emerge out a hit in various aggressive medical front examinations. This complete book incorporates of bankruptcy-sensible questions in line with the NCERT curriculum. At the stop of every chapter, distinct answers have been provided to assist students with self-evaluation. The distinctiveness of this book lies in the new set of questions supplying insurance of the whole NCERT syllabus.


Solved Paper 2018 (2018 Sets)

1. The Living World
2. Biological Classification
3. Plant Kingdom
4. Animal Kingdom
5. Morphology of Flowering Plants
6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7. Structural Organisation in Animals
8. Cell : The Unit of Life
9. Biomolecules
10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11. Transport in Plants
12. Mineral Nutrition
13. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14. Respiration in Plants
15. Plant Growth and Development
16. Digestion and Absorption
17. Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18. Body Fluids and Circulation
19. Excretory Products and Their Elimination
20. Locomotion and Movement
21. Neural Control and Coordination
22. Chemical Coordination and Integration 
23. Reproduction in Organisms
24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 
25. Human Reproduction
26. Reproductive Health
27. Principles of Inheritance and Variation 
28. Molecular Basis of Inheritance
29. Evolution
30. Human Health and Diseases
31. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
32. Microbes in Human Welfare
33. Biotechnology : Principles and Processes 
34. Biotechnology and its Applications
35. Organisms and Populations
36. Ecosystem
37. Biodiversity and Conservation
38. Environmental Issues 

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