Topic-wise Solved Papers are the most important resources must for every student for 3 reasons:1. They show what types of questions have been asked in the actual exam knowledge/ understanding/ application/ analytical; theoretical/ numerical; Simple MCQ/ Assertion-Reason/ Passage based MCQ/ Matching MCQ/ Picture based/ Statement based MCQ.

2. They show the trend of the paper over the past years helps in understanding the examiners psyche to understand what to expect and what not to expect in the exam. 3. To spot the most important and least important topics for the exam the number of questions asked from each topic in the various years. AIIMS Topic-wise Solved Papers consists of past years (memory based) solved papers 1997 onwards till date, distributed in around 20-25 topics in each subject. The book has been divided into 4 sections Physics (divided into 18 chapters), Chemistry (divided into 23 chapters), Biology (divided into 23 chapters) & General Knowledge (divided into 6 chapters). The book has been compiled in a manner that you just revise one topic and then solve all the previous year questions on that topic. This will assess whether your preparation is up to the mark with the AIIMS level. The strength of the book lies in the originality of its question papers and Errorless Solutions. 


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PAGES – 674

The book contains around 3400 questions - 2500 MCQs and 700 Assertion-Reason type question questions. The book also contains 1 FULLY SOLVED MOCK TEST ON THE LATEST PATTERN. ULTIMATE BOOK FOR STEP BY STEP LEARNING AND PRACTICE.


Section I - Physics 

1. Units, Dimensions & Measurement 
2. Motion in one dimension 
3. Motion in Two and Three dimensions 
4. Laws of Motion 
5. Work, Energy and Power 
6. Centre of Mass, Rigid Bodies & Rotational Motion 
7. Gravitation 
8. Properties of Matter 
9. Oscillations & Waves 
10. Ray and Wave Optics 
11. Heat & Thermodynamics 
12. Electrostatics 
13. Current Electricity, Thermal & Chemical Effects of Current 
14. Magnetic Effects of Current 
15. Magnetism 
16. Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves 
17. Atoms, Molecules, Nuclei, Electrons & Photons 
18. Solids & Semi-Conductor Devices and Communication System 

Section II - chemistry 

1. Atoms, Molecules & Chemical Arithmetic, Volumetric Analysis 
2. Solution & Liquid State 
3. Atomic Structure 
4. Nuclear Chemistry 
5. Chemical Bonding 
6. Solid & Gaseous State 
7. Redox Reaction & Electrochemistry 
8. Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium 
9. Chemical Kinetics & Surface Chemistry
10. Chemical Energetics & Thermochemistry 
11. Periodic Table, Metals & Metallurgy, Hydrogen & Its Compounds 
12. s-Block Elements 
13. p-Block Elements - Boron & Carbon Family 
14. p-Block Elements - Nitrogen & Oxygen Family 
15. p-Block Elements - Halogen & Nobel Gases 
16. Transition Metals, Coordination Compounds & Organometallics 
17. Analytical Chemistry 
18. Purification, Classification & Nomenclature, Hybridisation General Organic Chemistry, Isomerism 
19. Hydrocarbons 
20. Halides, Alcohols, Phenols & Ether 
21. Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids 
22. Compounds Containing Nitrogen 
23. Biomolecules, Biological Processes, Polymers & Chemistry in Action 

Section III - biology 

1. The Living World & Systematics 
2. Kingdom Monera & Protista, Virus & Kingdom Fungi 
3. Plant Kingdom 
4. Cell & Cell Division 
5. Genetics 
6. Morphology of Flowering Plants 
7. Internal Structure of Angiosperms Plants 8. Plant-Nutrition, Photosynthesis and Respiration 
9. Reproduction in Flowering Plants & Plant Embryology 
10. Plant Growth, Movement & Plant Hormones 
11. Ecosystem 
12. Biodiversity and Environmental Issues 13. Micro & Macromolecules 
14. Animal Kingdom 
15. Animal Tissues & Animal Nutrition 
16. Respiratory Gas Exchange & Circulation of body fluids 
17. Excretion, Osmoregulation, Movement & Locomotion 
18. Nervous Coordination and Sense Organ 19. Hormonal Coordination 
20. Reproduction, Embryonic Development, Growth, Regeneration and Ageing 
21. Human Genetics 
22. Origin and Evolution of life 
23. Biology and Human Welfare 

Section IV - General knowledge 

1. History 
2. Indian Polity 
3. Geography.

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